Yes, you made it! You have landed on our website which is super exciting for us as it gives us a chance to say hello and tell you about all the things we do to help you!

Younited is the EIT Students Association (formally know as EITSA) and we are in the main hub next door to Café Connect, which to be honest is dangerous for the waistline especially their sausage rolls!

At Younited we are here to assist you on your journey of education at EIT. We offer all kinds of support such as Student Welfare – helping with budgeting issues, making sure you are on track to pay the rent and have enough funds for groceries at the end of the week! Student Advocacy is another area where we support you, maybe you are struggling with some parts in your course and need support in the shape of mediation or just to off-load, its amazing what a chat can do to get some perspective! We also run a number of events which include FREE yes free exam breakfasts, welcome back lunches and activities throughout the year, including Taste of Cultures Day, Orientation week, May music month and Matariki celebrations. We welcome any ideas you might have so pop in and see us any time. We are open from 8.30 am – 4.00 pm 5 days a week.

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